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Kamaasa Shoten Hocho/Hagama (Knives/Rice kettle)

Kamaasa Shoten is an established shop founded in 1908 located on Kappabashi, Japan’s most famous shopping street for tools in the Asakusa district. Kamaasa carries only tools handmade in the traditional method including nambu
style ironware, iron pots, knives, etc. They are all masterpieces and the foundation of Japanese cuisine. Out of respect for the region of origin and the craftspeople, the knives are offered unbranded. Even so, these knives are immediately
recognizable for their quality and are highly regarded in a Parisian gallery that carries traditional Japanese craftwork.

[Producer’s Remarks]
These products were chosen by professionals with a discerning eye for quality among cooking implements. Through
everyday use of these products recommended by highly capable professionals, a deeper understanding of their eye for the product is gained. These tools are the embodiment of the Japanese characteristic of trustworthiness and reliability.(Hirotoshi Maruwaka)