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Kashizara (Cake dish)

This cake dish features handles born from the traditional craft of Nambu ironware, a specialty product of Iwate prefecture. Nambu ironware is produced through a complex process of making molds and casting iron. The most popular Nambu ironware works include teapots for tea ceremony and iron kettles. This dish is a valuable collector’s item that will give users an opportunity to enjoy the traditional craft of Nambu ironware in their everyday life. Its rusted appearance creates a unique ambience that will make the dish the perfect choice of tableware when entertaining special guests.

[Producer’s Remarks]
Suzuki Morihisa Koubou is a venerable manufacturer of Nambu ironware that has been run by the same family for 15 generations. At the same time, it is proactively engaged in development of new products that will bring this craft into modern life. The warm and delicate rust color carries a unique ambience. The product has a modern feel about it and is extremely easy to use. (Shinichiro Ogata)