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KAWA-ORIGAMI (Leather origami goods)

Wallets/Clasp Coin Purses
With over 3,000 small workshops the leather industry has thrived since the Meiji era, and Sumida-ku has been known as “leather town”. KAWA-ORIGAMI is an exquisite line of leather goods born from Sumida-ku. KAWA-ORIGAMI goods are each made of one piece of leather and as few parts as possible. Reduced to only what is necessary, these leather goods are the ultimate expression of Japanese beauty. Minimal hand sewing allows you to feel the texture of leather directly with your skin. Using full custom ordered calf leather to realize a gently curved silhouette, KAWA-ORIGAMI succeeds at bringing forth a jet-black allure. On the inside, vermillion leather is used to evoke the traditional Japanese color combination of vermillion and black in a simple design expression. Exquisite goods using the highest quality materials, made in the newest facilities by highly skilled craftspeople.