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Kazusa no Hachimitsu (Karasu Zansho, Akashia, No no Hana) (Kazusa honey [zanthoxylum ailanthoides, acacia, wild flowers))

Jam/Syrup/Honey/Starch Syrup
Kazusa still has many beautiful undeveloped woodlands where nature and human activities exist in balance. Many bee plants grow there, including false acacia, mountain cherry blossoms, edulis, Ligustrum, and Japanese prickly ash. Hajime Suzuki raises a mere 30 hives of honey bees with a loving hand and says that, “This area is comfortable for honey bees to live in.” Raw honey that has not been subject to heat has an extremely rich flavor that is immediately palatable the moment it is tasted. Natural enzymes live in the flavor that changes as the seasonal flowers change. The fresh citrus aroma of the Japanese prickly ash honey in particular has a distinctiveness not found in mass-produced honey. Amid the sharp decline in honey bees taking place worldwide, Suzuki is also working hard to create an environment where humans can live together with honey bees. This superb honey is a product of Suzuki’s passion for beekeeping.