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KIKOF (Tableware)

This pottery blends Shigaraki ware from Shiga prefecture with modern design. The octagonal bowls, which are created using paper models, are truly paper-thin. Shigaraki ware clay has a high viscosity, and the amazingly light and easy-touse pottery is achieved precisely because that clay is used. The four colors of the tableware represent the colors reflected on the surface of Lake Biwa at morning, noon, night, and moonlight night, echoing the nature of Lake Biwa.

[Producer’s Remarks]
Based on a project that utilizes traditional local techniques to develop traditional crafts with a modern flavor, for the first time the potter took up the challenge of using slip casting with gypsum mold in order to produce a paper-like form, rather than shape the pottery with a potter’s wheel as is usually done. The end result is a manufacturing process that also broadens the possibilities of Shigaraki ware. (Noriko Kawakami)