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Kinsai Chidori Kosuibin-gata Pendant (Perfume bottle-shaped pendant)

Imari Nabeshima Porcelain of Saga prefecture, a leading production area, has shined through 400 years of history. Hataman Touen Corporation has made and sold this porcelain since its establishment 90 years ago, and is now offering an accessory product called Kinsai Chidori, a perfume bottle-type pendant of Imari Nabeshima Porcelain. This pendant is the result of traditional techniques blended with fashion sense. It is handmade by seasoned craftsmen who lovingly apply to the pendant a drawing of a chidori, or plover bird, which is known as a good luck charm, then baked in a kiln three to five times. Although having an antique style, the design of the pendant is truly novel. Being small yet hollow, the pendant can contain the wearer’s favorite perfumes or aromatic oils, and be used as a dropper to enjoy fragrances all day long. Worn around the neck, the pendant emits soft scents from the wearer’s neckline to create a pleasant, relaxing atmosphere.