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KIOKUGAMI Series Wagashi Zanmai Art-shiki Goshugibukuro Tai Zukushi (Special occasion envelopes made from washi)

This product, called Wagashi, is Japanese paper created with the wooden pattern usually used to make traditional sweets. The art of making washi paper in this special way has a history of more than 200 years. Handmade Japanese paper from Ibaraki prefecture called Nishi-no-uchigami made with fibers of paper mulberry is imprinted with the patterns of wooden forms traditionally used for making beautifully-shaped sweets. The technology of superimposing multiple layers of paper imprinted with unique designs creates works with exquisite texture and feel. The patterns, which are used for crafting special sweets presented at celebratory occasions such as weddings or childbirth, are designed
with various motifs considered to bring good luck. Old wooden patterns are prized by collectors, and the artist has visited masters of Japanese sweets all over the country to collect numerous patterns. The lucky motifs shaped after sea breams, cranes, or Mt. Fuji, are not only beautiful in their design, but also symbolize playful puns. Wagashi gives
tangible shape not only to lovely patterns, but also to memories of times long passed.