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Kishu Ice Ume (Frozen pickled plums)

Ice Ume was created when someone had the idea of freezing the ume fruit into something delicious. The umeboshi, a pickled ume fruit, is a traditional food that has been eaten by Japanese people since the olden days. The convention-busting idea of freezing it added a new way to enjoy the treat. After working on it for a one-year development period, a sweet and delicious frozen ume that still retains the right amount of umeboshi-like acidity was realized. The Nankobai brand ume produced in Kishu (the old name for Wakayama prefecture), which is famous in Japan for being an ume of the
highest quality, was used for this product. The usual salt content for umeboshi is 8-10%, but Ice Ume has only 2.5%, making it palatable to non-Japanese who might not enjoy the saltiness of regular umeboshi. Please enjoy this new type of Japanese traditional food made from the umeboshi—one you can eat after freezing it overnight in your freezer.