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Kofukuwan Series (Kofukuwan, Dai, Chu, Sho: Kuro, Bengara) (Bowl series)

Normally, lacquerware is characterized by a soft texture, but these bowls are distinctive for a hard, easy-to-care for surface created by using the makiji technique, which mixes lacquer with chinoko (diatomaceous earth from Wajima that is fired and powdered). This means that, unlike ordinary lacquerware, metal spoons and forks will not damage it, so there are no worries about harming the lacquerwar e and the bowls can r eadily be used every day. The makiji technique is also known for being non-slippery, making it easy to carry. The bowl series with the motif of green tea bowls is great for foods such as dessert and soup. It cultivated the new possibility of lacquerware to be suitable for everyday use.