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Kohassui Oritatami Jupponhonegasa (Water-repellent folding umbrella made with 10 ribs)

This is a folding umbrella made by one of the rare domestic umbrella makers (established in 1930) that concentrated on making Western-style umbrellas. Although most umbrellas have only eight ribs, this folding umbrella has a rare 10 ribs. The ribs are made of rust-resistant fiberglass for greater durability and stability. The high-density fabric is highly water resistant, making it possible to simply shake raindrops off for easy storage after use. In the manufacturing process, skilled craftsmen scrutinize the character of fabric and ribs, and then cover each rib with fabric with careful adjustment aiming for a perfect finish, making it possible to give robustness as well as beauty to their umbrellas. The manufacturer also provides after-sales service, making this product stand out among the many cheap, disposable umbrellas.