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Komode Meshi Wan/San Shoku (Rice bowls in three colors)

These tasteful bowls are made with high-quality porcelain clay used in traditional Tobe-yaki pottery. They can be used every day for a wide variety of purposes, for instance to serve yogurt or soup, and are great for either Western or Japanese foods. Mr. Ishida is an artisan who is particular about the clay used to craft the bowls. He built a kiln in his hometown and searched for the right clay to make the pieces he longed to create, ultimately choosing this porcelain clay. He makes the most of the clay and continues to craft pieces that enhance the foods served on them. The artisan’s true character is expressed in the simple, yet inviting pieces. Incidentally, his Komode series refers to a European technique that Mr. Ishida adapted to his own liking that gives the table pieces a warmth and pureness
not found in mass-produced wares.