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Kohiki Meshi Wan (Rice bowl)

Rice bowls made by Mr. Oyama possess a very graceful form that is quite close to the natural roundness created when a bowl is shaped by hand. The gentle, understated texture of the bowls exudes a vivid expression, as if they were completely blanketed in white cotton. This is achieved by covering the pieces with a white clay slip coating during firing, then covering the entire surface with a clear glaze using the decorative technique called kohiki. Mr. Oyama is enamored with the appearance of the traditional kohiki and focuses on crafting kohiki that retains strong traces of Tokoname clay. He has had his own kiln for 20 years in Tokoname, which is a major producer of ceramics that has produced earthenware since long ago for tea ceremony and flower arranging. His work embodies the earnestness that has steadily produced ceramic masterpieces. The more the rice bowls are used, the more familiar they become to the touch, making meals more enjoyable.