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Coal Tote Bag (Tote bag made with shiny fabric)

Corduroy fabric weaved in the satin style from fishing line (polyester gut) by experienced craftspersons from Fukui prefecture using their detailed technique. Today’s designers have taken this newest material and have fashioned
a tote bag that uses modern colors and a simple design. The bags have a brilliant luster that can only be brought out through the complicated relationship between the man-made fishing line and traditional technique. Also attractive
is the light-yet-sturdy construction and functional water-resistant design.

[Producer’s Remarks]
A combination of traditional technique and the commonplace fishing line. This product takes advantage of the Japanese propensity for compiling different elements by taking inspiration from ancient Japanese custom. This is a valuable product that must also be credited for its expression of Japanese tradition in the form of a tote bag, which comes from overseas. (Yudai Tachikawa)