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Koshu Awashi Murasaki (Wine made from Koshu grapes)

This wine has both the refreshing citrus fragrance of Koshu, a variety of grape unique to Japan, and a deep flavor derived from the fruit’s skin. With iris, a noble color that has been cherished from olden times, as the base color, the label is made out of Japanese paper and, in an expression of Japanese refinement, shows faintly from the reverse side a picture of a turtle swimming in a vineyard. This Japanese wine matches Japanese cuisine in flavor as well as

[Producer’s Remarks]
Koshu Awashi Murasaki’s unique astringency and moderate flavor are important elements of the taste sensibility of Japanese cuisine. They bring out the flavor of the ingredients and nicely complement a Japanese meal. The manufacturer’s desire to take Koshu Wine to a worldclass level is expressed in the personality of the wine.(Yoshiaki Takazawa)