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Kouyadofu (Dried bean curd)

Processed Foods (soybeans)
Kouyadofu is a non-perishable freeze-dried tofu. Tofu frozen at naturally-cold temperatures is then aged while frozen for one week to ten days in a cold room called a “Moya”, which is below freezing even during the daytime. The tofu is then thawed, drained of water, and finished by drying. Kouyadofu is not only a non-perishable food, but a wonderful, traditional Japanese food rich in nutrition.

[Producer’s Remarks]
Old-fashioned ways of preparing foods such as stewed dishes and miso soup are fine, but there are still possibilities for ingredients. This can be ground and used as a substitute for breadcrumbs, or cut small as an alternative to croutons. This is also a helpful ingredient for creating allergen- and gluten-free dishes. (Akio Saito)