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Kujira Knife (Whale-shaped knife)

Tosa cutlery crafting is found in Kochi prefecture and has been passed down from the beginning of the Edo period. Making use of these traditional techniques, about 20 year ago, a bladesmith named Satoshi Yamashita took a
request from his children to make a knife that wasn’t pointed so that they could use it themselves to sharpen their pencils. This was how the sperm whale-shaped knife came to fruition. There are now six other whale varieties available, and they are popular as gifts.

[Producer’s Remarks]
Over two years ago is when I learned about this product and I have taken it on exhibition overseas many times. And, every time I do, I am amazed at how popular all of the models are. Each of the six whale motifs are whales that actually visit the seas off the Tosa shore. I believe the balance of superior skill with the freedom of expression is very important to craftsmanship. (Toshiki Kiriyama)