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Kuri no Okoge Senbei (Roasted rice crackers with chestnuts)

Ena is best known for sweets made with chestnuts. Those sweets have been loved by educated people who compose haiku and practice the tea ceremony since the Edo period. Kinton that elegantly melts in the mouth the moment it is eaten is made from carefully selected, fresh chestnuts slightly sweetened with sugar, then boiled and mashed by hand. Taking a hint from the crispy chestnut paste left on the surface of the pot when kinton is boiled, Kuri no Okoge Senbei are superb, savory crackers made with a mixture of chestnuts containing the astringent chestnut coat and sugar that is spread thin and roasted. Behind the product is the promise of Ena Kawakamiya to create sweets with an excellence possible only with local chestnuts. The company works with chestnut farmers to produce safe chestnuts of the highest quality. Kuri no Okoge Senbei is made from jewel-like chestnuts grown using low tree height cultivation unique to the local soil. A yearning for the crackers makes one long for the autumn season.