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Kurogisemangeyo Kittatehai (Faceted glass)

What comes to mind when considering the cut glass of Japan is Edo Kiriko. This technique originated in the town of Odenma-cho, Edo, in what is now Tokyo, when a craftsman first cut glass in about 1834. Since then, the craft of glass cutting has been passed down generations, to Toru Horiguchi, who despite his young age has been chosen as a master of traditional crafts. Horiguchi, known by the artisan’s name of Shuseki, as was his father and grandfather, emphasizes tradition, while at the same time accepts the challenges of working to express innovation. In his style he employs the fresh perspective of a cutting-edge designer to bring each work of art to fruition. More than just the appeal of the glass itself, the design he creates is meant to blend in naturally in stylish bars and other chic surroundings, and to be an object that will warm hearts and be a pleasure to use. This is glass cutting, exquisite and of breathtaking beauty, and it reflects radiant light like a prism rolled about in one’s hand.