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Kuwana Imono no Kayariki (Kuwana cast metal fire container for mosquito repellent smoke)

This fire container for mosquito repellent smoke that holds mosquito coils was made using cast metal techniques that have been handed down in the city of Kuwana for more than 400 years. Since mosquito repellent coils are lit with a
flame, the container must be safe. This product is quite heavy and stable, so there are no worries about knocking over the mosquito coil, but even if it were, the cast iron would not break. Also, the lid can be removed so the inside can
easily be washed by hand when soiled with soot. The lid features a design based on Ise dyed pattern paper, a traditional craft from Mie prefecture used in kimono. Smoke and the smell wafting up from a mosquito repellent container is a typical summer occurrence in Japan. Use this elegant yet simple and stable piece to evoke a sense of summertime in Japan. It is a collaboration among three parties. Project and design were headed by Hiroshi Yamasaki, the decorative
pattern by Suwamiya, and production by Marude Co., Ltd.