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Kyo Wazarashi Mensha (Bleached cotton clothing)

Bottoms & Casual Clothing
Kyo Wazarashi Mensha is bleached cotton silk of 100% cotton with an additive-free finish. Since long ago, gauze that has multiple air layers has been made through a four-day long process known as wazarashi, a Japanese scouring method, in which great care is taken so as to not stress the fibers. Its cottony softness, exceptional water-absorbing properties and permeability make it ideal for pajamas and other bedding materials, and it can also safely be used with infants.

[Producer’s Remarks]
The ultimate soft gauze, once Kyo Wazarashi Mensha is actually experienced its sensation on the skin is so soft and soothing that it will be impossible to switch to anything else. Daito Shingu Kogyo has spared no effort to enhance the texture of this material to its full potential, a reflection of the maker’s straightforward sincerity. (Junzo Yamashita)