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Hoshino Matcha (Powdered green tea)

Green Tea
The Yame region in Fukuoka prefecture has been known for its production of excellent tea since ancient times, and Hoshino village in Okuyame is where the finest gyokuro tea in the country is produced. Hoshino-Seichaen’s matcha is
produced using traditional gyokuro cultivation techniques for a fresh and aromatic tea with a rich flavor. The high level of quality is maintained due to the level of commitment, from selecting the right variety of green tea for the matcha
to the way it is cultivated and then finished.

[Producer’s Remarks]
Using 95 stone mortars, the tea leaves are slowly ground so as not to generate heat, and each mortar is then allowed to cool before being used again. This persistent grinding using stone mortar produces a different level of fineness in the powder particles, different color, aroma, and flavor. Its uses are endless, from drinking it to adding it to food. (Akio Saito)