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Mageki Kutsubera (Kokutan) (Angled wooden shoehorn [ebony])

In the city of Hita, located in a mountainous region, woodworking has been a prosperous industry since long ago. There, two craftsmen running a workshop have created the Mageki Kutsubera (Kokutan). Using the extremely advanced
technique of 3-dimensional wood bending, strong ebony is bent using only high temperature steam. During the process, the inner part of the wooden shoehorn is compressed so the wood has greater density and an even harder surface. Processing solid ebony takes time, but doing so by hand produces a smooth finish not possible with machine processing. The shoehorn is finished with beeswax for a natural coating to make it more pleasing to the touch. Not only is it light and sturdy, but globally famous designers have also admired the beautiful curve. This is the ultimate shoehorn crafted to fit the shape of the body and shoes.