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Magnet Nihon Omochikaeri (Magnets)

This product is made with a chisel for metal carving, using a traditional process that has continued since the Edo period. Chisel techniques were useful methods for creating embellishments on mikoshi, or portable shrines used in
Japanese festivals. Although this technique is rare nowadays, Shiozawa Seisakusho has passed down this traditional method. The small, thr ee-centimeter surface of the magnets features designs based on Katsushika Hokusai and
the Scolls of Choju Frolicking Animals, each one hand-carved with the chisel of an artisan. The molds and chisels themselves are also handmade. The detailed, fine workmanship expresses the sincerity of the Japanese when it comes to manufacturing. It isn’t an overstatement to call these true collector’s pieces where traditional Japanese craftsmanship shines.