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Main-zara 3-shu (3 earthenware plates)

Gaku Shakunaga is a ceramic artist active in Toyama prefecture who has been looking for unprecedented textures. He is creating stylish ceramics with new and completely different textures, including pieces that fuse Japanese traditional ceramics techniques with urushi (lacquer) processes. The intent is to produce simple plate designs that stimulate the imagination of the chefs who use them, and come up with pieces that “reach completion when the food is put on the plate.” The three plates in the Main-zara 3-shu, which look like works of art but are fit for everyday use, are the product of a Japanese approach of creating something new while respecting tradition. Once you take hold of these plates, one in the earth shade of brown, one in black made from combining lacquering methods, and one in snow-white
white porcelain, your meal will become that much more enjoyable.