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Maiolica Pendant (Lacquerware pentant)

Beautiful jewelry created with the Japanese traditions of gold lacquerware techniques. This is the Maiolica Pendant, produced by Oshita Kousen Koubou, a long-standing store of 121 years that sells Kaga Maki-e, or gold powder-painted lacquerware products. The traditional Japanese technique of lacquerware craft uses gold powder applied to designs drawn in lacquer. Not often seen outside of Japan, this technique produces a novel, three-dimensional quality, with the gold powder projecting an image of luxury and appeal. This is why gold lacquerware is considered an ideal craft for jewelry. Drawn with flowing strokes of stems and blossoms that encircle a blooming central flower, the design of this pendant is impressive for its gentle and warm-hearted nature, as well as a lustrous shine that will enable the wearer
to feel its radiating presence. Redesigned while still based on traditional and inherited techniques, this jewelry is certain to bring home the sense of wearing attractive gold lacquerware.