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Masu Iroiro Set (Sake set in masu containers)

Japanese Sake
Arising from the Seto Island Sea is the beautiful island of Shodo-shima. Located here is one of the three most beautiful gorges of Japan, Kankakei, known for the breathtaking panorama of the great gorge itself together with an ocean view. Overlooking such stunning scenery is Mt. Hoshigajo, the source of mildly sweet spring water that pours forth from near the pinnacle. Here, Morikuni Shuzo uses this spring water to brew Japanese sake at Shodo-shima Island’s only sake brewery. In addition to this spring water, rice ideal for sake brewing harvested from the Seto Island Sea’s coastal regions is an ingredient that the master brewer uses to hand make the Japanese sake set, Masu Iroiro. This includes four different types of sake, junmai-ginjo, ginjo, junmai and honjozo, each differentiated by the degree of rice
polishing or added alcohol, but all come with a square wooden sake cup called a masu. The reason for this is that the Japanese sake made with spring water from such a nature-blessed island as Shodo-shima should not be served in a glass, but drunk from a masu to experience the authentic ambiance of Japan.