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Menbei (Crackers made with salted cod roe)

Menbei are mentaiko rice crackers in an impressive package with a large “Me” character in Japanese on the front. Mentaiko is walleye Pollack roe that is salted and pickled in pepper, a famous product of Fukuoka that goes perfectly
with rice. A veteran business established 106 years ago, Yamaguchi Aburaya Fukutaro wanted to make a mentaiko product with a long shelf life. They used their own high-end mentaiko as the main flavor, with abundant amounts of squid and octopus, grilling Menbei to delicious perfection. The seafood-packed flavor, spiciness of the mentaiko, and crunchy texture form a harmonious as a whole for an addictive snacking experience. This is a smash hit product among the many famous souvenirs of the food capital, Fukuoka, where many Menbei are produced each day.