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mgn 020 Series Card Case (Metal card case series)

Name Card/Business Card Cases
This series of metal card cases with exquisite minimalistic design boasts the ultimate simplicity. It was developed by a metallic mold manufacturer of the Tsubame-Sanjo region in Niigata prefecture, an area known for its flourishing metal processing industry. The company applied its high-precision processing techniques in the creation of this product. Despite their slim design, the card cases boast excellent storage properties (hold up to about 20 cards) and strength that makes them resistant to shock. There are five types of card cases, made of different materials: exceptionally light magnesium, titan, brass, aluminum, and stainless steel. The cases are meticulously crafted with consideration of the specific properties of each type of metal, its texture, feel, and weight. The surface of the product becomes beautifully worn with use, giving the card cases a sophisticated, vintage look and enhancing further their appeal. This metal card case series exemplifies Japan’s technological edge and its aesthetic principle of simplicity and elimination of clutter.