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MIC Series Tori (Bird shaped paper lantern)

This lamp is from a paper lantern shop that has been making suifu paper lanterns for 150 years. It is made based on techniques used to produce suifu paper lanterns, a local industry in the city of Mito in Ibaraki prefecture. Suifu paper lanterns are manufactured using a traditional method that loops thin strips of bamboo one by one and entwines them with thread. The strong structure and Japanese paper reinforce the durability of the lantern. This product is made not with the age-old suifu lantern making techniques, but with a new method. With its bird shape, it does not look like a paper lamp, but retains the original structure of a folding lamp. Novel and playful aspects, such as an LED light that recreates the flicker of a candle and the ability to right itself when knocked over, mean the product can be enjoyed as more than just a lamp.