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Milk Jam Plain (Milk jam – natural flavor)

Jam/Syrup/Honey/Starch Syrup
Their ancestors settled in Kamishihoro in 1933, and the current owner is a 4th generation rancher running The Tokachi Shinmura Ranch. Originally the cows were tied to a cowshed and given compound feed in a confinement rearing setting. However, in 1994, in pursuit of more delicious milk, they were switched to a free grazing dairy system. In order to raise good-tasting grass for the cows to eat, Shinmura began by working to produce soil rich in microbes. The milk jam is made from slowly boiling down the milk obtained from stress-free cows brought up in nature, and adding only granulated sugar made in Hokkaido. This is the first such item made from raw milk in Japan. The milk from cows basking in the sun’s rays is rich in calcium, and even when processed into jam retains the rich natural flavor of milk. It is a safe food choice for babies and young children. The ranch is also notable because it practices recycling-oriented farming that helps to minimize environmental impact.