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Mishima Sara, Mishima Meshi Wan (Mishima plate, Mishima rice bowl)

Mishima is a traditional decorative technique in which white mud is applied as an inlay to etchings made with a wooden tool onto a piece of pottery hand shaped on a potter’s wheel. Mr. Hatta is one artist who is especially proficient in this Mishima technique. He takes his time with his creations, engraving each line with precision and achieving a beautiful balance between the lines and color of the clay. The final products easily fit in with other plates and will blend in nicely on the dinner table. Plus, these have the added feature of developing a luster that gets better with use. You’ll also use graadually notice changes in their texture. While most Japanese tableware and pottery is known to change a little with use, the degree of change that occurs with Mishima ware is especially noticeable. Whether it’s Japanese or Western
food, these dishes are sure to flatter any dish, and you’ll only become more attached to it over time. Their very special presence will surely add richness to everyday living.