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Mohair Kon Knit (Mixed mohair knit)

It was a certain First Lady who put the spotlight on mohair knitwear when she attended her husband’s presidential inauguration in a yellow cardigan. The maker of that attire was Sato Seni. Sato Seni has since its establishment in
1932 produced threads and knit products, using proprietary technology to develop designer fibers, such as ultra-fine mohair, derived from the angora goat. It has also worked to combine threads of random colors, thicknesses and shapes. With high quality and exceptional designs that express the richness of each individual thread, it is only natural that fashion houses from around the world have taken notice. Mixed mohair knit is the product of knit technology
that combines a variety of materials, and offers such comfort that once worn it will be an eternal favorite. Designs that recognize the fluffy, lightweight and soft sensations that offer the wearer so much comfort are sure to become a new mainstay of winter wardrobes.