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Moku Shibori Wa Scarf (Tie-dyed scarf)

Established in 1915, this venerable store of Kyoto has for a century now produced rolled tie-dye scarfs. These unique and elaborately designed products, which take advantage of the very irregularity gained from shibori, or bound cloth rolling, are at their very essence a fusion of fashion and art, in other words, wearable art. They present an orderly arrangement of undulating pattern created by the process of shibori. Repeating patterns, for what seems like an eternity, generate a classical Japanese style of beauty that appeals to many people. The Moku Shibori Wa Scarf uses a tie-dyeing technique in which a fabric is sewn with thread around the outlines of a sketch. In the dyeing process this sewn portion remains undyed, thus emerging as the pattern. Resembling wood grain, or mokume in Japanese, this dye pattern is called mokushibori. The Moku Shibori Wa Scarf is 100% silk and is characterized by a velvety softness. A snood-style scarf can be enjoyed by folding over once or twice and expressed in a variety of ways.