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Momotaro Jeans (Original jeans from Okayama)

Bottoms & Casual Clothing
Named after the famous folktale Momotaro, these jeans are a popular brand launched in 2006 in the birthplace of Japanese denim, the Kojima region in Okayama prefecture. Momotaro, according to the Japanese legend, is the name of a small boy born from a giant peach who descends to Earth to perform heroic deeds. The company pays strict attention to working on every part of the process in Kojima, and implements internally each step, from textile weaving to jeans sewing. Made with the finest single-mix Zimbabwean cotton known for its soft and light texture that perfectly fits the body line of their owner, Momotaro Jeans quickly acquire a beautiful vintage look with vertical fade, which adds to the charm of the jeans. On the right back pocket there is patch designed after a peach (“momo” in Japanese), the most famous product of Okayama prefecture. Momotaro Jeans are an exquisite collector’s item made in Japan and recognized and highly sought-after not only in the fashion centers of Europe—Paris, Milan, Berlin, and London—but also in New York, the fashion capital of the homeland of jeans, the US.