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MONYOU Handkerchief (Patterned handkerchief)

The MONYOU Handkerchief is the product of a dye workshop that has been in business since the beginning of the Edo period, some 350 years ago, with a Japanese sense of color and decorative beauty. Designs such as the gangimon
and hakkakutsunagi found in traditional Japanese clothing such as the kimono and hanten (a short workman’s coat) are boldly used on the handkerchiefs, which are then dyed in the traditional colors of ancient Japan such as shinonome (an
orange color), kariyasu (a yellow color), and mizuasagi (a blue color). Naturally and softly expressing these subtle colors carried down through the generations is a task so difficult as to cause the artisans to whine and complain as they repeatedly dye the fabric to finally create a superb product. Enjoy this fine quality handkerchief, a product of the collaboration between ancient Japanese colors and patterns and high-quality Western cotton.