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Mori no Naka e (Japanese dry sweets)

High quality kudzu starch can be gathered from the roots of kudzu, a plant in the legume family. Though extraction is highly time and labor intensive, the starch is valuable since it is velvety and pleasant to the taste. In addition to being used in Japanese sweets and foods, it was also utilized as a folk remedy for colds and upset stomach. Yoshino kudzu from Nara prefecture is of especially good quality, and refined Japanese sweets have been made with it locally for generations. Mori no Naka e from the company TSUJIMURA are shaped like a Yoshino cherry blossom. The natural color of the ingredients is used along with 5 types of sugars, including the refined Japanese sugar, wasanbon. A taste of the pretty dried sweets, produced with molds that have been used since ancient times, makes one nostalgic for the gentle sweetness of one’s childhood. The delicate taste also goes well with coffee and tea.