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Muhiryo Shizen Saibai Komugiko Harukirari Kyorikiko 500g (Organic bread flour/Bread flour made from wheat grown naturally with no fertilizer/chemicals)

This flour is produced by the fourth generation of the Orikasa farm, a family that has been studying natural cultivation from generation to generation. They earned the JAS (Japan Agricultural Standard) organic certification in 2011 for
28 hectares of their 95-hectare farm and started working at pesticide-free, fertilizer-free cultivation. They grow soybeans, adzuki beans, black Sengoku soybeans, potatoes, tomatoes, apples, and other crops without using any pesticides or fertilizers. Harukirari is a type of hard flour, which produces springy yet firm bread recognized for its pleasant fragrance. The blend of butter and flour aroma is especially good and makes it optimal for baking baguettes,
croissants, and sweet French brioches. It is also recommended for noodles, dumpling skins, and all other flour-processed items. With chemical sensitivity becoming a problem of late, this wheat flour, along with the stance of its producers,
is deserving of a wider audience.