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Nankanage (Deep-fried tofu)

Processed Foods (soybeans)
It is said that the traditional dish of Nankanage from Nankanmachi in Kumamoto prefecture was brought to Iyonokuni (present day Aichi prefecture) during the 17th century. Although this is produced in almost the same way as abura-age, a thinly sliced, fried tofu that is eaten all over Japan, Nankanage’s biggest feature is its amazingly large 20 centimeter size. However, the appeal is not just in its appearance. Because a special tofu made from soy beans is compressed and then nearly completely drained of water before frying, it stays fresh for up to three months at room temperature, unlike regular abura-age, which soon spoils, and the flavor stays the same. Also, because it easily soaks up moisture, it is mainly used in miso soup and stews. Because it is made from soybeans and canola oil only, it is a good choice for those who avoid animal products.