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Rediscover yourself in mystical places deep in the mountains

Travel Experience
Nature and Faith
Mountains clothed in lush emerald green, cool forests, brooks transparent to the bottom... When you leave the bustle of the cities, a natural, sometimes mysterious world awaits. Since ancient times in Japan there has been a belief that all things, especially natural phenomena, have a spirit. The belief lives on today, helping the Japanese feel in harmony with nature, while respecting all of its forms and stages, giving thanks, and off ering up prayers. This is how life is lived on the islands making up Japan. The mountains and seas, the winds and fi re, all are gods, says the Kojiki (“A Record of ancient Matters”), Japan’s oldest historical record. The country itself is said to owe its existence to gods and a natural world that off ers the essentials for life. This way of thinking runs throughout the country’s long history, and can
be felt at Shinto shrines and other religious places where tranquility reigns. Just standing there awakens the five senses and opens the mind to new possibilities.