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nuri WASARA (Lacquered paper plates)

WASARA is a brand of eco-friendly paper tableware featuring excellent design that can only be used once. nuri WASARA was created by treating WASARA with lacquer. The process is carried out by an artisan from Sabae in Fukui prefecture, a city well known for producing lacquerware, which enables the lacquered tableware to be used repeatedly. Since the pieces are made of paper, a lightness and thinness unachievable in normal lacquerware is accomplished. Bringing together WASARA, which utilizes the latest technology, and the traditional technique of lacquer produces an entirely new worldview.

[Producer’s Remarks]
Applying the Japanese craftsmanship of lacquer to these products is a novel approach that has proven to be a perfect
pairing. They are popular dishes that radiate hospitality at home parties and catering because of their beautiful form and accentuation of cuisine. The exceptional dishes inspire new possibilities for lacquer. (Yu Mizushiro)