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Oribe Chawan (Oribe bowl)

400 years ago, Oribe Furuta, who actively participated in the tea ceremony, developed a kind of pottery that was freely formed and strong, that today is characteristically known as Oribe ware. Today, Mr. Yokoyama is breathing new
life into this classic tradition, by combining strength and vigor just as Oribe would have. It has a rustic feel when held and an attractiveness that never bores. With its strong presence, it can also be enjoyed as a work of art.

[Producer’s Remarks]
Oribe’s pieces were used by warlords on their way to fight during a time of upheaval and their presence is representative of this. Yokoyama believes that it’s not about obeying tradition but about taking on new challenges as an artist. If Oribe Furuta were alive today he would definitely be intrigued by these pieces.. (Tomoo Shoken)