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Origata Kaishiire (Paper with case)

Notebooks/Datebooks/Memo Pads
Kaishi is a handkerchief-sized type of washi that is often used for the tea ceremony and at Japanese-style dinners. In the days when Japanese people wore a kimono every day, this was an essential item that was carried in the bosom area or inner pocket. Tsujitoku is a Kyoto kaishi specialty store that decided to match the origins of kaishi with a modern lifestyle. The Origata Kashiire is a set of paper with a case made of washi. The simple design of the case can be used to hold your favorite kaishi. Although Western paper is made separately for different purposes, kaishi can be used for everything, including writing, wiping, and wrapping. Use it in any way you like; as a paper mat, a memo, as a tissue to wipe your mouth, a small envelope, or a coaster. This is a superb item that is a joy for adults to carry around.