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Ornament Card Case (Metallic card case in multiple colors)

Name Card/Business Card Cases
Manufacturing businesses that support Japan’s manufacturing infrastructure are concentrated in Sumida city, Tokyo. One of these, the small business Yoshida Technoworks, was the first in the world to use double in-mold construction,
a technology that simultaneously decorates both the front and back sides of a plastic product. With this technology, which was also utilized for the world’s first mobile telephone that had an on-board camera, the company has created card cases with alluring beauty. When a case, which holds about 20 business cards, is held by the sides and lightly pushed in, the cover slowly opens while a flap from the bottom simultaneously lifts up a card. This is accomplished by a technology that the company uses in its topflight cosmetic compacts. This car d case, which was devised to allow the
smooth removal of business cards, is garnering high praise from discerning businesspersons.