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Otayoribako Hagaki-ire (Letter case for postcards)

Letter Boxes
For ages, Japan has cultivated a custom of storing clothing in paulownia chests of drawers and safekeeping swords and works of art in paulownia cases. Paulownia is known for its excellent insect repellent properties and the natural capacity to control humidity by raising airtightness when the moisture content in the atmosphere increases. This letter case is created by a venerable manufacturer of Buddhist altars and ritual objects from Aizuwakamatsu with over a century-old history. With its simple design that replicates the shape of an envelope, this product is perfect for storing precious postcards and letters from loved ones. It is made of carefully selected wooden material used for crafting Buddhist altars. The texture and colors inherent to the paulownia highlight the gentle shape of the letter case and give it an exquisite graceful look. It is a true collector’s item that will make the perfect gift.