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Saienboku (Colored ink sticks)

Calligraphy Paper/Ink/Calligraphy Pens/Paperweights
Saienboku (colored ink sticks) are inksticks, a traditional Japanese handicraft that are made with traditional old-fashioned techniques. The traditional shojidaki method, passed down through the generations in Wakayama prefecture,
is used. Soot from burnt pine tree wood is collected and mixed with glue and pigment for a completely homemade pr oduction method of creating inksticks. This has gained these sticks the reputation for expressing colors that are not possible with regular paints. Shojidaki is a method of creating inksticks with over 1,000 years of history. These are the only inksticks in Japan made using pine as the base material, and have an extremely rare and beautiful bleeding pattern that is more beautiful than those that use coal as the base. This product is also produced with a never before seen method developed to add color to ink that resulted in 40 different colors. This is the only producer in Japan that adds color to ink for a product that produces truly unique color expr essions.