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Encounter the beautiful colors of nature created by the four seasons

Travel Experience
Seasons and Colors
Cherry blossoms announce the arrival of spring, and then densely sprouting leaves tell us summer is close at hand.
The picture is completed by brilliant fall colors against a majestic sky, followed by snowflakes dancing quietly. The entire country has a natural environment made even more beautiful by its four distinct seasons. Since ancient times, people in Japan have deeply appreciated and been moved by the changing faces of nature and colors of seasons and have refined their sensitivities. We see this in the enjoyment of delicate shades of color from plant dyes, as well as in woven cloth shimmering with a beauty and glamour all its own. These examples tell us how colors of the natural world can be incorporated in life to enrich a culture. Even to someone who never leaves a certain location, time brings a different season with different expressions of nature. When you travel in Japan you’ll meet with differences originating in the current season. Let your eyes be stimulated by combinations of colors never seen before, creating memories of a journey that cannot be experienced again the same.