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Sendai Miso Local Type 1.5 (Sendai soybean paste)

Miso, or soybean paste, is an original Japanese fermented food that is essential for flavoring Japanese dishes. Originally a non-perishable food, it was handy as combat rations during the Sengoku period, and came to be made in Sendai.
This is the origin of Sendai Miso. Ever since then, the tradition of making miso in Sendai has been passed down for the past around 400 years, and Sendai Miso Local Type 1.5 is made by those same methods. The wooden barr els used to age the miso are over 100 years old and made of natural Akita Cedar. These aspects show the spirit of passing on tradition and commitment to miso production. Sendai Miso contains no chemical flavorings so you can experience the
roots of Japanese fermented food culture as they are meant to taste.