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Shibata Yoshinobu Shoten Hitoiki Tumbler (Tumbler)

The Odate Mage-wappa was created approximately 400 years ago by low-level samurai who engaged in piecework from home, using Akita cedar. This tumbler is made of Akita cedar, using those very techniques. The natural insulating properties of the wood that keep drinks hot or cold make any beverage delicious. The beauty of the grain in natural Akita cedar makes for a pleasant cup which is wonderfully comfortable for drinking. This is a new shape for a traditional handicraft.

[Producer’s Remarks]
These cups are made from natural Akita cedars that are over 200 years old. The knowledge of seasoned craftsmen ensures that the excellent qualities of the wood are used without waste to create this tumbler. Drinking water from this cup has a refreshing flavor that is almost like drinking spring water scooped up with your own hand. (Hirotoshi Maruwaka)