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Shiraume no Niwa (Japanese plum liqueur)

Japanese Plum Liquor
The city of Itoshima in Fukuoka prefecture is known for producing Yamada-Nishiki rice, the finest rice for brewing sake. Standing in the midst of fields growing this extraordinary rice, the 160-yearold Shiraito Shuzo sake brewery carries on traditional sake-brewing techniques handed down through the generations. The most important of these is a method called haneki-shibori in which brewers separate out the sake lees by hand using a massive tree trunk called a haneki. Wringing sake with machine leaves the sake with a muddy taste because the machine completely squeezes the moromi fermentation mash (pre-filtered sake). Haneki-shibori, however, since it doesn’t completely squeeze the moromi, enables sake to have a clean taste and pure smoothness. Shiraume no Niwa is quality plum wine made with top-quality daiginjo sake aged 10 years and soaked with locally grown Nanko-ume plum. This is Japanese plum liqueur sought after for its pleasant blend of an acidity that mingles with complexity on the tongue, a mellow fragrance that delights the nose, and a delicate, subtle aftertaste.