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Shobundo Inkan (Shobundo seals)

Satsuma tsuge, a type of boxwood tree, has been prized as a wood for comb making since the Edo period. The fine-grained, hard, strong qualities of this material were used to create a seal that bears the original shape of the branch
before it was cut. Based on a customer’s order, the soft characters of seal script (an ancient style of Chinese calligraphy) are carved into the branch of a tree. The design, along with the warmth and texture of the tree, produce a
unique and lovely texture.

This seal has its own, appealing, one-of-akind shape. Not only can ancient seal script be selected, but stamps are available in the English alphabet for international customers, and the seals can be used as a registered, legal seal. This is a truly beautiful piece that embodies artisanal techniques and practicality, personality, and a playful spirit. (Shinichiro Nakahara)